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The way to the sea - Arabian Gulf

When completed, Dubai Maritime City will be a vibrant mixed use development for the maritime industry, comprising industrial, commercial, residential and leisure facilities housed on a man-made peninsula between Port Rashid and Dubai Dry Docks. As a peninsula development, Dubai Maritime City harnesses the benefits of open sea access for the industrial community, yet creates a mesmerizing living and working environment with breathtaking sea views in a vibrant commercial hub. By offering world-class infrastructure, services and regulations, Dubai Maritime City will create a unique specialized environment that promotes the networking and integration of leading maritime companies in one destination.

Built on 2.27 million square meters of reclaimed land from the Arabian Gulf, Maritime City, Dubai is the world’s first purpose-built maritime center focusing on everything that has to do with all maritime activities and education. This is an enormous project, located near Port Rashid on mainland Dubai.

The sprawling man-made peninsula boasts a new 2,100 m long breakwater and a quay wall that measures 2,980 m. Comprising residential, commercial properties and warehouses, it provides investors free zone amenities. The city, unlike other seaports and developments in the region, offers considerable advantages including a pro-business environment. It is a "one of its kind" establishment, placing warehouses next to maritime Academies, residential condominiums, adjacent offices for domestic and international maritime firms. Dubai Maritime City is to become a maritime hub, integrating diverse sectors of the maritime industry.

6 Sections of Maritime City Dubai

Main Areas

Types of Major Areas




 The Academic Quarter is located in the middle of Dubai Maritime City. The institution here, offers a syllabus encompassing marine engineering, marine transportation and naval science, among others. The academy will provide the opportunity for companies to constantly renew the knowledge of their staff without the need to leave the city.


The Harbor Offices - Main "gateway" to Dubai Maritime City contains 19 development plots offered for office tower development. This zone overlooks the harbor and is the nearest precinct to the causeway linking the project to the rest of Dubai.
The Main District and Harbor Residences The district includes a group of mixed-use activity areas which cater to yacht owners and also houses restaurants, retail outlets and entertainment facilities.





The Industrial Zone This sector is a hub for ship repair facilities, yacht repair and manufacturing, as well as workshop units. The zone will be overseen by the management of ‘Jadaf Dubai’. A 1,270-meter stretch of wet berthing has been made available in this precinct, alongside 42 dry berths of various sizes.

The inclusion of yacht building and repair facilities taps on a growing leisure boating industry. The large number of berthing spaces available here alleviates a space crunch for boats in Dubai. More than 100 workshops and warehouses complete the industrial precinct, offering a comprehensive range of facilities to businesses.

Maritime Center This is the core of Dubai Maritime City. It is made up of eight waterfront and three interior parcels, which will serve as an international hub for maritime businesses, and is the first purpose-built maritime cluster in the world.